About Magic Water Babies

Magic Water Babies is a fun DIY set for sensory bin play. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with colours using the food grade coloured gels. Have loads of fun making the magic babies come to life in water! Do visit us on Instagram @lovingly.yours_ to view our videos on how to make them!

🛡️ HOW TO PLAY: Fill the moulds with colour gels, and dip in the milk calcium mix water! The gels will come to life in the water!

We have 13 different sets available in total!

Set A - (for 2-3 times play) 12 bottles of normal, pearl and neon colour gel (100ml) 12 2D and 3D moulds (mainly 7×7cm and some 10×10cm), 100g Milk Calcium powder

Set B - (for 4-5 times play) 16 bottles of normal, pearl and neon colours gel (100ml) 13 2D and 3D moulds (mainly 7×7cm and some 10×10cm), 200g Milk Calcium powder

Party Set (For 3-5 people) 
- 24 bottles of normal, pearl and neon colour gels (100ml)
- 20 2D and 3D moulds (7×7cm and 10×10cm)
- 2 Inflatable trays
-Measuring Cup 500ml
- 250g of Milk Calcium powder
-4 Brushes
-4 Nets
-2 pumps

Party Set (For 6-9 people) 
- 36 bottles of normal, pearl neon colour gels (100ml)
- 30 2D and 3D moulds (7×7cm and 10×10cm)
- 3 Inflatable trays
-Measuring Cup 500ml
- 300g of Milk Calcium
-4 Brushes 
-4 Nets
-2 pumps

Themed Sets (Alphabet Magic Babies, Dino Rawr!, Cartoon Characters, Animal Fun, It's Hotpot Time, Nature, Space Travel, Transportation)
- 6 bottles of food grade gel colours (100ml)
- 6 2D or 3D moulds (7×7cm or 10×10cm)

- 1 Measuring cup
- 60g of Milk Calcium
- 1 Brush
- 1 Net

Ideal for children 3 years old and above. For younger children, this is good for sensory bin play. Completed magic babies are soft and cool to the touch and have a nice weight when you hold them by the handful. When children scoop, pour and transfer, they explore their fine motor skills. Scooping the babies with a spoon allows them to fine tune the little muscles essential for self feeding and other important skills.

Common FAQs
Q: Should I get the ultimate or themed sets?

A: We would suggest the ultimate Sets A/B/party sets for beginners! It consists mainly 7*7cm and some 10*10cm moulds. Smaller moulds are easier for younger children (3-5yo) to handle as it takes a shorter time to squeeze the gels. (and your gels can last longer) The different moulds include land/sea animals, cartoon characters, dino, insects, shapes, nature, transportation and will be packed at random in our boxes.

Themed sets consist of mostly 10*10cm 3D moulds, which are good for layering. They are bigger and it will take more time to squeeze the gels. This is more suitable for older children.

Q: How many times can I play?

A: A general guide is Set A - (for 2-4 times play)/ Set B - (for 4-5 times play) / Themed sets (about 1-2 times play). It all depends on how much colours you use each time you play. The milk calcium water can also be reused. However, do note that the proportion of milk calcium to water must be 30g:1000ml and lesser than 30g used might not be ideal if you want it to be successful!

Q: What is the difference between 2D and 3D moulds?

A: 2D moulds are just one layer. 3D moulds comes with multiple layers for more layering different colours.

Q: What is the difference between normal and special moulds?

A: Normal Moulds come with a square base and special moulds come with an odd shape base.

Q: I need more gels and moulds. Can I get it separately after my first purchase?

A: Yes you can! We have 28 different colours and 500+ different moulds. For second purchase of colours or moulds, you get to enjoy $2 shipping fee even for orders below $50. Do email us at hello@lovinglyyours.sg  for more details! You can also click on this link  for the add-ons.

After getting your sets, please do also read the other common faqs on how to play, on this page.