Q & A on Magic Water Babies

Here are some common faqs on our Magic Water Babies!

*As this is a DIY product, it is important to read before trying out the water babies for the best results!

Question: How do I measure 30g (of milk calcium powder)?

Answer: You can use a measuring cup or a weighing scale.

Question: How much milk calcium powder should I put in the water?

Answer: The ratio of milk calcium and water is important. The recommended ratio is 30g:900ml of water. Anything lesser will result in less than ideal results. If you are using lesser milk calcium powder, you can adjust the ratio by putting in lesser water.

Question: The milk calcium does not dissolve in the water! Help!

Answer: Do prepare very warm water so that it will take a shorter time to dissolve by stirring! 

Question: Why does it take so long for the water babies to be removed from the mould?

Answer: Remember to soak your mould for 10 mins in the milk calcium water before squeezing the gel in! The first time might take longer but it shouldn't be the case for subsequent tries! You can also try putting in more milk calcium powder too in the water.

Question: How do I do layering for 3D moulds?

Answer: For 3D moulds, do ensure that the moulds are flicked dry (but do not wipe it dry. Any remaining water might stick to the gel.) Inner layers should only be about half filled with colour gels and for upper layers, squeeze the gels in circular (swirling) motion fast to fill the mould to the brim.

As colours are made of liquid, the filling process has to be fast so that the colours will not mix much. For beginners, we will recommend filling one colour first for each mould.

Question: My water babies are all soft after making them! What should I do?

Answer: These babies are formed with liquid! The water babies will be very soft once it is removed from the mould.(so you can probably wait a while before flipping it over) It will gradually harden after it has been soaked for a longer time. Leave the water babies in the milk calcium mix before transferring them into a pail of plain water when it hardens.

Question: Why doesn't my water babies puff up like what I see in your pictures?

Answer: Once the water babies are formed, it will be soft to touch. You will need to soak in the water for for it to harden and puff up.

Question: The gel hardens after it comes into contact with the mould! What is happening?

Answer: Flick the water off the moulds before playing! The gel reacts fast with the milk calcium water mix so do ensure that water is flicked off (do not wipe off) the mould before playing! (There should be no water in the inner 3D layers before squeezing the gels.)

Question: Will the water babies grow in size?

Answer: No, they will likely shrink but you can prolong its lifespan by soaking them in plain water.

Question: How long can I store the milk calcium water?

Answer: Do not throw the water away! It can be reused and be kept up to 10 days.

Question: How long can I keep the colours upon purchasing the boxes?

Answer: We will recommend playing with 1 month after receiving it to prevent discolouration and thinning of the colour gels.

Question: What should I do if the glitter sinks to the bottom of the bottle?

Answer: Pour it out into a plastic cup, give a good stir, and pour it back to the bottle again.

Question: How do I keep the magic water babies once they are done?

Answer: Keep it in plain water to hydrate the water babies! Without water, the water babies will shrink in size.

Question: Why are the gels of a different thickness?

Answer: Generally, pearl colours are thicker in texture and if works better with 3D moulds. 

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