The Ultimate Guide For Toys For 12 to 18 Months

Congratulations on passing the 1 year mark! Children of this age group are not infants, and just barely toddlers. They would love a little more stimulation and toys that boosts their fine and gross motor skills.

Here are some recommendations on the type of toys you can get for children from 12-18 months.

Toys that require/encourage coordination: Stacking, nesting toys and simple puzzles are great for children this age! These help to train the little ones on their dexterity and encourage problem solving.

We recommend:

Montessori 3 and 5 pieces Lift and Fit Puzzle


Montessori Nesting Puzzle 

 Stacking Cup Toy


Books with lift-a-flaps/sounds or textures: Children of this age group love exploring different textures and opening flaps for 'surprises'. Bright coloured board books are best to prevent tearing and keeps your little ones engaged.

We recommend:

Ladybird's Baby Touch and Feel Set 


Pat The Bunny Touch And Feel Books




Flash cards for Whole Brain Training: It is also a good time to introduce flash cards to your little tot. Studies show that babies taught with flash cards develop their senses of sight and hearing faster than other children. As the presentations stimulate your child's brain development, this will in turn aid in whole brain development.

We recommend:

Children's Flash Cards I

Children's Flash Cards II (For more advanced learners)

Start with the more basic ones like animals and fruits/vegetables and move on to the more advanced ones when your child is ready.  

 Water colour books are also great for letting your child's creativity run free! It is also in refining their hand grasping skills when painting with a paintbrush

 This skills is important for holding and controlling a pencil for later writing development.

We recommend the Water Doodle Book. Just add water and watch the colours appear!

Unicorn Water Magic

Toys for pretend play: The keenness to play begins when infants start exploring objects, and at around 18 months it will gradually evolve to using them for their intended purpose. 

We recommend:

Let's Pretend series is a puzzle/book that will engage children from 18 months onwards! These creative play sets include a big board book with scenes full of things to look for and find. Each set also comes with 15 sturdy, cardboard puzzle pieces either to match the spaces on the book pages, or to use for fun, independent play. The most popular themes at Lovingly, Yours are Firefighter and Play Shop Series.

Let's Pretend Lift and Fit Puzzle Books

Coming Soon!

For other age appropriate toys for toddlers 12-18 months, hop on to this link for our full catalogue! <3