[Ready Stock] DIY Sand Art - Frozen

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New Sand Art Design in the form of Frozen There are a lot of educational benefits to Sand Art, which includes 

Enhances Color Recognition

Playing with sand art is a great way to increase a child’s ability to label colors. It also helps children understand what happens when certain colors are mixed together.

Increases Fine Motor Skills

Playing with sand art requires a certain amount of fine motor control and manipulation. The child has to hold the bottle steady while carefully adding the sand. For some, this may take time and be a little messy, but once done, they have improved their skills in this area.

Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination

When making a sand art creation, children have to be able to carefully pour the sand into the small spout so it enters the bottle neatly. This requires hand-eye coordination which can be difficult for young children. The more they practice, the better they will be at it.

Each box contains 

- 7 random Paw Patrol pictures (20 × 14.5cm) + 6 bottles of sand